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These were 3 of my best ideas. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE ANIMATIONS!

1. This was the first version of my modified hot tap, the issue with this is that you are shutting the flow of oil on the riser. The riser is only rated up to 1000 psi and so this method has the possibility for that to be exceeded.

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2. This is a modified version of my previous hot tap. This eliminates excessive pressure on the riser. This will drill out the damaged riser and drill stack. Safely allow a new riser to be fitted to the flange and only requires a few feet of good pipe.

 Just scroll down the page or use the link to view the animation:

3. This was my last idea that I got when I saw an artist version of what was below. If this was a true image of the BOP stack then I see no reason that this won’t work. There are so many ways to attach this device to the BOP stack and make it work. The boring tool mounted to the device (not shown) will bore out the pipe and drill stack from the top of the BOP and chamfer the edge of the flange. Then the boring tool slides out and a sealing ram is pressed into place with the hydraulic press that is mounted above. This closure can also be fitted with a fitting to allow them to inject mud and cement through the top. This one could actually be my favorite if the flange and annular can withstand the pressure of the press. Like I was talking to you on the phone, there is so much steel around the BOP to attach something like this. The edges of the flange would be chamfered at an angle to allow this ram to seat and stop the flow without exerting lateral pressure on the flange or seat. I am not concerned with the oil flowing at a full rate as long as the press is well attached to the stack. The press can handle the pressure of it all.

Just scroll down the page or use the link to view the animation:


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