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We want to find solutions! NOW!

If you have a solution or idea for the oil spill, CleanWaterHorizon can host your images, text and videos on our web site at no charge! You can send us an e-mail with your drawings, text, links videos etc. to and we will provide you with your own page and link so you can post the solution to  DWHR, BP, Coast Guard, NOAA, White House etc. Like this, we will be able to have an accumulation of ideas for scientist and engineers to look at multiple ideas at the same time and hopefully this will help to find ultimate solutions. Here is one example: ABC Air Bubble Curtain

You will get each your own page and any idea, solution or technology will certainly remain the copyright of the person providing the information. Even if you have uploaded your idea already to another web site, we encourage you to also post it here with us so we can have one place where we see all kind of ideas rather than many different links all over the internet. We hope that like this we can accelerate the relief to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster!

Thank you for your support and inventions which might lead to the break thru technology needed before it is to late.

Please send us an e-mail with your information and images attached or links to your idea so we can copy paste it into the page. Please let us know what category you have a solution in mind. We will try our best to upload your idea ASAP, however, we do not submit your idea to DWHR directly, please do this in addition. Once your idea is uploaded here, you can certainly use the link we give you to forward it to anybody. Thank you!



click links below to view IDEAS from people world wide


Ideas to contain and recover oil

1. Stefanie Voigt - FDSD Flexible DOME

2. Angelo Secci - Flexible DOME

3. Brad Wehde - Hydraulic Device

4. Claus Drastrup - Tophat for Bop

5. Stefanie Voigt - OCTOPUS PIPE & subsea storage

6. Stefanie Voigt - Monolithic Dome

7. Ivano Urban - Deep Parachute

8. Stefanie Voigt - Bubble Curtain

9. Stefanie Voigt - FSS BP Flexible Deep Sea Pipe


Ideas to close the oil leak/well head


1. Carmine Cantile - Inflatable Ball

2. Vince Stewart - hydraulic pressure & expanding collar device

3. David Czarnecki - pipe closure system




Ideas for surface oil recovery


1. Vince Stewart - Oil Skimmer



Ideas for on shore oil recovery





Ideas for protection of marine animals


1. Stefanie Voigt - Bubble Curtain



Other Ideas





Suggestions, Comments, Concerns


1. Steven Arbuckle - Natural Chemistry, Nitrogen, no burning

Disclaimer: We are NOT associated with the DeepWaterHorizon Response, BP, oil companies or other government agencies in any ways! What we do here is ‘gathering ideas’ so DWHR, Coast Guard, NOAA and other agencies can see inventions in one overview, instead of having them one by one submitted somewhere in the internet. Like this we also provide a platform for people who have no own web site to upload their drawings and give them a chance to be seen by the engineers working on the oil spill! Under no circumstances we claim the copyright  of your idea submitted or endorse your solution, we only provide this web space for you. We hope your ideas will lead to solutions!

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