Clearwater Horizon  - we support our oceans!

CLEANWATER HORIZON  Art Collection for the benefits for our oceans

WHO we support:

Das Ziel von DEEPWAVE und seinen Mitgliedern ist es,  sich fuer die Erhaltung der Weltmeere einzusetzen.

Dr. Onno Gross
Bei den Maehren 69 A
20457 Hamburg
E-Mail: info at

Miami Dade Reef Guard Association - Miami, Florida

Miami Dade Reef Guard Association - Miami, Florida

The Miami Dade Reef Guard Association is a Florida Not For Profit  Corporation set up with the following objectives:

  • Provide  collective assistance in the promotion, funding and organizing of  resources for the installation and maintenance of mooring buoys on the  reefs adjacent to Miami-Dade County.
  • Promote  and support both artificial reef deployment and natural reef  conservation in sea areas adjacent to Miami-Dade County.

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