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ABC 3 - AIR BUBBLE CURTAIN FOR OIL SPILL                                  ABC 3 - AIR BUBBLE CURTAIN  Learn from the Humpback  Whales! - 1 SOLUTION - 3 APPLICATIONS!

ABC 3 - AIR BUBBLE CURTAIN  Learn from the Humpback  Whales! - 1 SOLUTION - 3 APPLICATIONS!



From simple inner tubes  and hoses to complex air  dispersing systems can be placed (approx.  300-1000 feet diameter) on the sea floor around the leak areas,  circumferencing the gushing oil. Tiny air bubbles escape from the tubes will expand and travel towards the surface while becoming bigger and bigger.  Depending on the water  depth, calculations of the air released in  relation to the size of bubbles arriving at the surface have to be  considered.

The Air Bubble Curtain will  naturally contain the oil inside the bubble curtain, and while air  bubbles keep oil trapped, oil travels to the surface for skimming and recovery operations.

Unless there is a  significant current above the spill area, the oil will still travel  inside that bubble curtain, getting already partially and 'naturally  weathered' before reaching the surface!

Additional High Seas  Surface BOOMS need to enclose the area on the surface about 1 mile in  diameter to contain the oil on the surface preventing it from spreading into the open sea.

Consider to use and  incorporate a huge 'parachute  system' on the surface, see invention by  Ivano Urban: ttp://


Air Bubble  Curtains can also be used to help 'weather' the oil without the need of toxic dispersants!

Use this system for ocean water purification, O2 enrichment, and even convert it into a nontoxic dispersant distribution tube system!

Once the oil arrives at the surface, it  should already be 'dispersed' and 'weathered' much more due to turbulence caused by the simple AIR BUBBLES expanding and washing oil  towards the surface.


The same Bubble  Curtain will be a natural barrier for marine animals and keep them away  from spill zones!

The BUBBLE curtain can be used in zones of high  concentration of oil as well as along shore lines and other locations  where marine life needs urgent protection


The System is SIMPLE,  NON-TOXIC, EASY TO DEPLOY, HARMLESS and NON-INTERFERING with other  operations!


Please, all local dive shops in the spill area and ENTIRE IMPACT  REGIONS WAY BEYOND FLORIDA towards Europe, please help! Lets coordinate  to start laying down Bubble Curtain hoses along the shores in 50-100 up  to even 5000 feet of water depth and in several rows, connect to  compressors, build sub-sea compressor systems that are easily maintained and have them ready, just put them in a housing find ways to lay cables to shore, too! The hurricanes will come no matter what and there will  be no boom or boat left on the surface to stop more oil &  dispersants, for sometimes more than 10 days! And YES, this is NOT a drill!

Do  something that can mitigate the situation, something quick and easy!

Just be prepared and keep solutions simple!! 

The Bubble curtain can be a great  way also to protect the marine life and weather the oil naturally!

PS: of course sport divers go to 120ft max. the rest is done by top-side operations, trimex divers & submarines & ROV's only!

of course sport divers go to 120ft max. the rest is done by top-side  operations, trimex divers & submarines & ROV's only!


BP  has approved the air curtain for Destin, Florida!