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IDEA from: Stefanie Voigt - email:

FDSD Flexible Deep Sea Dome

Brief description of technology:

"Flexible Deep Sea DOME" (FDSD) for Deep Sea Oil Pipe leaks

FDSD are giant lifting bag like DOMES (min. capacity for 2,000,000 gallons) with several exhaust vents (surface pipe connectors), easily anchored on the sea floor (weights & anchors) initially position them one side first (half circle), secure the weights and position the FDSD around pipe.
Once secured 50% of the FDSD, lift the other part over the top of the leak, anchor on the other side.
DOME will rise with lighter oil filling up the inside. Pump oil to the surface.

Materials required:

"Flexible Deep Sea DOMES" (FDSD)
- Heavy duty tarp like oil & chemical resistant material fused together to build a giant "Lift-bag" like DOME with multiple "exhaust vents" for surface pipe connections, additional pressure valves for emergency release
- Anchoring material

Equipment required:

"Flexible Deep Sea DOMES" (FDSD)
- ROV's to install on sea floor
- sea-floor to surface pipes
- tanker on surface for oil storage

Expertise Required/Expertise offered:

"Flexible Deep Sea DOMES" (FDSD)
- FDSD engineers & constructors
- ROV operator

by Stefanie Voigt -


Dear Stefanie,
Thank you so much for taking the time to think about and submit your proposed solution regarding the Horizon incident. Your submission has been reviewed for its technical merits. Unfortunately, the team has determined that your idea cannot be applied under the very challenging and specific operating conditions we face. All of us on the Horizon Support Team appreciate your thoughts and efforts.

Sincerely yours,
Horizon Support Team