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David Czarnecki - new pipe with explanation
description top left
1. gear puller alignment arms get clamped around the existing pipe and under the existing flange
2. the top nut on the center shaft which is threaded pipe is turned until the catheter tip is inside the oil pipe , the machine action of a screw will force a pipe into the flow of oil no matter the pressure , the pipe is automatically relieving most of the pressure,
3. the nut at the bottom is tightened to compress the rubber around the devices pipe and inside the oil pipe to stop the leakage between the pipes, the oil is now redirected in a pipe that can be shut off or the oil harvested. 100% leak stopped
description top right
nut to thread pipe into existing pipe and past oil pressure
threaded on outside diameter pipe
nut to compress rubber expansion coupler
rubber expansion coupler
arms of gear puller create alignment and leverage to force insertion pipe into existing pipe