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Below is a sample text created by CleanWaterHorizon you are free to use to sign a petition against the use of dispersants:


Chemical Dispersants such as COREXIT 9050 and/or COREXIT 9050E and/or any other products currently used or intended to be use to “disperse” ‘OIL -on the SURFACE, SUB-SEA, SHORELINES or ELSEWHERE’ in ANY, ‘TINY, SMALL, MEDIUM and/or MASSIVE AMOUNTS in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and/or any other environment on Earth, related to the current and/or similar and other scenarios with one and/or multiple oil leaks such as the Deep Water Horizon explosion on EARTH DAY April 20th 2010, and/or any other oil leaks on this planet, have to be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY and never tried out and/or experimented again in the future!

No dispersants at all shall be used to examine, control, mitigate and/or alter any and all oil disaster today or in the future due to its extreme alteration of the global oceans conditions!

I herewith confirm that I am 100% against the use of dispersants whether they claim to be highly-, semi- or medium- toxic to the environment, humans, animals, ecosystem etc., and I sign with my personal name that NO toxic poisons, studied or unstudied, proven or non-proven substance of any kind, whether harming or potentially possibly harming and/or not yet studied and/or any chemical substance should NOT be applied to “DISPERSE” crude oil or toxic substances spilled in any environmental habitat, whether sub-sea nor at the surface or elsewhere.

I furthermore herewith demand the immediate halt and global ban of any and all use of any kind of dispersants!

I herewith sign this statement:

Name, e-mail, Country, Date

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