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Questions for the "Oil Lies - Detector”.

What are YOUR Questions? Please just send us an e-mail and your "OIL LIES DETECTOR" questions below can be collected. Please keep them short, simple and understandable for everybody and leading to a YES or NO answer only. We would like to collect them for the web site and will post them below.

The aim is to try to submit no question twice, however you can make a comment of which questions you would have asked and endorsed, too. Just add the number and name of the person who asked the question before you. Feel free to question other agencies and local governments involved in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Let’s find answers!


00001 questions from: Stefanie Voigt:

1. Obama, you received pre-election funds from BP?
2. Obama, you are speaking out for "No Drilling off Florida & Carolinas" on pre-election speeches, changing your mind, now allowing Alaska to drill and getting twice rejected by the court for moratorium.  Will you ever support and enforce No-Drilling?
3. Obama, you are sending vacationers to Pensacola claiming “The Beaches are white and the water is blue, come on down”, while overnight cleanup operations either 'cover or covered' something. Were you aware of this?
4. Obama you are not responsive to the Jones Act allowing foreign vessels to aid the cleanup. Could you immediately waive this act for the benefit of the mitigation efforts of the oil disaster?

5. BP, you were hiding leaks & amounts of oil gushing, later revealing there are several leaks, now is this still valid?
6. BP, you estimate a financial 15 year cleanup plan and therefore purposely save on current skimming vessels & clean up needs, correct?
7. BP, you rule and have the last word and last decision over the use of DISPERSANTS?
8. BP, you could have stopped the leak already long time ago, correct?
9. BP, you could have implemented valuable solutions from submissions world wide, if there was not ‘internal incompetence’ hindering the process of getting paperwork done?
10. BP, you are using the dispersant COREXIT manufactured by NALCO where you are shareholders. Is this the reason why you insist on this dispersant?

11. EPA's mission is to "Protect The Environment", have you completed your mission by allowing poison such as COREXIT to pollute the environment on a constant basis and in unknown environments and territories?
12. EPA you have issued a STOP DISPERSANT rule upon BP on May 26th, can you officially allow this to be ruled, out-ruled or regulated by BP or any other entity?
13. EPA, you have/had links on your web site to submit ideas and solutions for this oil spill in the GOM, however once submitted, the answer came less than 3 min. after: "Thank You, we are not the correct agency for submissions, you did correct by submitting it to DWHR. Is that link and answer intended to keep the public busy?

14. United States Coast Guard’s mission is to "Protect The MARINE Environment", have you completed your mission by allowing poison such as COREXIT to pollute the environment on a constant basis and in unknown environments and territories?
15. USCG, are you regulating the use of DISPERSANTS?
16. USCG, are you blocking media from access to cover the truth about the oil sill?
17. USCG, are you fining boaters who spill even just a gallon oil currently and even sending them to jail if needed?
18. USCG, are you endorsing the use of DISPERSANTS?


00002 questions from: Ronald Blom:

19. Obama is it true that the oil is sunken in the North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda?
20. Is it true that bp pay you to shut your mouth?
21. Obama is it true that America is not the land of the free but in fact a dictatorial country where big oil is the boss.
22. Obama is it true that all tv stations are not real honest journalist but work for the oil bosses as well and do exactly what they wanted them to do?
23. Obama are you happy whit your live and whit your role model job?"

00002 questions from: YOUR name here:
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