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The Art & Video Collection for the benefit for our oceans

We have a vision of a 'CLEANWATER HORIZON' and are dedicated to our Oceans and the Seas!

We feel deep sadness for the losses and sufferings happening with the devastating oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This web site was created for the purpose of providing you with the latest news, ways to actively help and participate in the global discussions about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Blue Planet needs us now more than ever! Anything will help, and YOU can help, too! Let’s give back to our oceans and the seas in need, and in return for all the wonderful gifts we receive from her.

100% of the profits of every item on this web site (videos, prints) will be invested towards CleanWaterHorizon activities to assist the world wide information network and the documentary film projects covering the oil disaster in the Golf of Mexico. We need and appreciate your support.

Thank you very much for helping, too.

Three ways to help:

BLACK HORIZON The documentary Film investigating the Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico


BUY AQUATRIBE videos and support CleanWaterHorizon


Clearwater Horizon 13 - Get the Poster and help the Oil Spill Documentary Project efforts at the same time

The significance of the importance to not pollute our oceans, is so high and urgent that all other matters come after. The oceans and the seas are the ecosystems needed to be protected before anything else ... they are the major soul of life on earth and give existence to our being!

If the oceans die so will we and therefore the oil will not be of any value to us any longer!

Stefanie Voigt, 05/2010

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